What we do

Why insects?

Nature has always had the solution…
Insect protein has been a key ingredient in animal and human nutrition for millennia, providing a natural source of proteins, fats and other important nutrients.

At Inseco, we believe insects will play a vital role in meeting the food demands of the future, helping to minimize our environmental impact and ensuring that we promote the biodiversity and health of our planet.
What we do

Our Mission

Delivering impact at scale
Inseco was formed to make a positive and lasting impact on the global food system. Our mission is to become a leading supplier of insect protein across the globe, helping to close the loop on waste in the food value chain, bringing the industry closer towards carbon-neutrality.

Since 2017, Inseco has offered an uncompromising dedication to the development of sustainable protein with an unwavering enthusiasm for circular systems.
What we do

Innovation first

Value genesis is rooted in innovation
Innovation is at the core of what we do. Many years ago, when the Inseco founders noticed the impact that commercial farming and fishing was having on our natural ecosystems, they knew an innovative solution was needed that could deliver impact at scale.

Many years later, these same principles of sustainability and innovation continue to echo throughout the organisation.

What we do

Our Partners

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

At Inseco, we embrace the benefits that partnerships can deliver. Our approach to collaboration is simple – to work alongside our various stakeholders to develop the industry, bring new products to market, and ultimately unlock the remarkable potential of insect protein.

Inseco would not be where we are today without the support and dedication of our partners.