Waste to Protein Technology

EntoPod™: Solutions for the future

Impact at scale

The EntoPod – our innovative on-site organic waste management system that allows waste to be managed closer to its source, removing the requirement for waste transportation. Catering to a wide range of inputs with affordable and quick installation. The EntoPod has the ability to deliver a myriad of commercial, environmental and social benefits.

Waste to Protein Technology

Putting an end to Organic waste

A new frontier in organics recycling

It is estimated that between 30-40% of all food produced is wasted. Throughout the supply chain, organic by-products are generated which are either landfilled or put to little use. Inseco is pioneering a new frontier of organics recycling, providing the public and private sectors with adaptable and affordable organic recycling solutions.

After years of Research and Development, Inseco is ready to begin deploying its technology.

Waste to Protein Technology

Collaborative Model

Impact through partnerships

After years of trials, Inseco has developed a unique partnership model where we work alongside waste generators in the public and private sector. Helping them upcycle their organic by-products into profitable and sustainable insect products that can be used in numerous applications, such as animal feeds, fertilizers, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.