Insect Protein​

Natural Nutrition​

Insects: an ideal source of protein for aquaculture​

Improves growth, boosts immune response and reduces reliance on marine ingredients​

30% of a chicken’s diet in the wild is insects​

Sustainable and nutritious – Just as nature intended​

Hypoallergenic and Digestible​

Perfect for pet food​

What we do

Inseco is an insect protein company
Inseco converts low-value organic by-products into nutritious and sustainable insect ingredients. Our products have numerous applications in animal feed, pet food, crop production, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Using state of the art technology, we are responding to the demand for sustainable and high-quality ingredients to feed a rapidly growing global population”

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Our Products

Sustainability like never before…

Sustainable protein an area of critical importance
The world’s population is projected to grow to over 9 billion people by 2050. In order to feed this many people, food production needs to increase by over 70%. However, food systems are fast approaching their environmental production capacities.

Due to limited land availability and dwindling marine fish stock, there is likely to be a substantial shortfall in livestock and crop production, leading to higher prices. This calls into question the sustainability of long-term supply and makes the search for alternative and sustainable protein an area of critical importance.

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Green Solutions for Green Business

Throughout the supply chain, various forms of organic by-products are generated that are typically sent to landfills at a significant cost to company and environmental cost to society. In developing regions, where infrastructure is less developed, inadequate disposal can have a severe impact on social, economic and environmental welfare.

At Inseco we’ve developed an entirely new way to solve this problem, helping businesses divert waste from landfill, generate new revenue streams and positively contribute to their carbon footprint.

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Inseco is a mission-driven business with a focus on supplying high quality insect ingredients to various markets, locally and internationally. If you’re interested in joining us, please email
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