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Innovative by Nature
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The world’s population is projected to grow from about 7 billion in 2012 to 9.6 billion people in 2050. More than half of this growth will occur in sub-Saharan Africa, a region where one-quarter of the population is currently undernourished. We are in desperate need of solutions to feed these exponentially rising figures. The problem is now, and the problem is growing.

Food Waste

Despite the requirement for increased food production, 10 million tonnes of food go to waste every year in South Africa; this amounts to 30% of the annual production. Of this, fruits, vegetables and cereals account for 70% of the wastage at various points in the value chain. To put this in perspective, the energy wasted every year in South Africa for producing food that is not eaten is estimated as enough to power the City of Johannesburg for roughly 16 weeks.

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Our Mission

Inseco was formed to make a positive and lasting impact on the global food system. Using innovative engineering, entomology and biomimicry, Inseco has designed scalable and affordable waste-to-protein production systems that will redefine the way waste is managed and protein is produced.

Our Offerings

Inseco’s insect protein responds to the demand for sustainable and high-quality protein to feed a rapidly growing world population. Using the power of Black Soldier Flies (BSF), Inseco has designed a comprehensive system that beneficiates various forms of organic waste into cost-effective, sustainable and nutritious proteins.



Inseco’s EntoFood is a 55-60% protein meal and is an excellent source of essential amino acids, comparing favorably to more expensive and less sustainable animal-derived ingredients.



Inseco’s EntoOil consists of highly metabolizable fats, including 55% saturated fat, 30% monounsaturated fatty acids, 15% polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9) and <1% free fatty acid. The chemical profile is similar to a mixture of palm kernel oil, coconut oil and fish oil.



Inseco’s EntoSoil an all-natural fertilizer containing a nutrient dense blend of N-P-K and minerals. EntoSoil is a very good nitrogen source for crops and has a high value in the organic farming industry.



Inseco’s EntoGrubbs – dried BSF larvae – are comprised of 35% protein and 40% fat on a dry matter basis. EntoGrubbs are a great source of various minerals, including calcium.



Inseco’s EntoLive – live BSF larvae – are a premium feeder insect for a variety of reptiles. Additionally, they are perfect for up-and-coming BSF farmers/breeders who are looking for a starter colony.

EntoSuite - coming soon

EntoSuite coming soon – Inseco’s first-of-its-kind BSF farm management software assists our various clients with comprehensive operations management. Sign up to our newsletter for more information on its official public release.

EntoLive available now

Inseco’s EntoLive™ are the perfect source of healthy and nutritious proteins for your pets. With a protein content of at least 35% and being naturally high in calcium and lauric acid, as well as low in phosphorus, EntoLive™ not only makes the basis of a great staple for your pet’s food, but it is also highly sustainable and affordable. 

EntoLive™ is also ideally suited for emerging BSF farmers looking to start their own colonies.

Inseco Ento Live

Why Insects?

Insects are also high in protein, as well as various vitamins and minerals – helping meet the food demands of the future. At Inseco we believe that insects will play a vital role in minimizing our environmental impact and ensuring that we promote the biodiversity and the health of our planet.

Black Solider Fly Inseco


The production of one ton of BSF protein requires 4250% less farmland than the same amount of soy.

3 tons

Every ton of fishmeal requires 3 tons of wild caught fish such as anchoveta and sardinia. Therefore, per ton of BSF protein used in place of fishmeal, approximately 3 tons of wild-caught Sadinia remain in the ocean.


BSF treatment direct Greenhouse Gas Emissions are 47x lower than from windrow composting. When one considers the vast volumes of food waste that are composted each day, BSF treatment offers a valuable and highly sustainable alternative.

Nutritional Benefits

Protein derived from black soldier fly larvae represents a highly efficient alternative protein source.

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Environmental Impact

Black Soldier Fly protein has been identified as a way to account for the shortcomings of conventional protein production. Black Soldier Fly larvae have a processing power far beyond their body size which they utilise to rapidly convert organic waste streams into protein-filled body mass. Modern vertical farming techniques and sustainable inputs allow them to leave behind a remarkably small carbon footprint compared to other conventional proteins.

Inseco Growing Planet

Feeding the Future


Litres of Water to produce 1kg of different proteins:



Grams of Feed to produce 1kg of different proteins:

An animated Inseco Farmer

Social Benefits

There is a growing concern for the inadequacies of solid waste management in developing countries where it is still largely uncontrolled and large quantities of waste are dumped or uncollected. Inseco’s highly adaptable and affordable waste management solution is able to alleviate some of these pressures in developing regions by beneficiating a wide array of waste streams into cost-effective and sustainable proteins.

Our Promise

Production of Inseco’s insect protein products is affordable and highly scalable, resulting in lower costs of production. Additionally, our waste-to-protein systems are specifically designed to be affordable, requiring low capital and operational outlays.

At Inseco, innovation and efficiency are fundamental to our company culture, helping us ensure we promote a sustainable future. We do this through cycles of learning and innovation aimed at ensuring our products and systems for both clients and partners are based on cutting-edge technologies.

By implementing industry best practices, continual product testing and the integration of external metrics we know that we are holding our users’ needs at the core of our values. We understand the need for consistency and for ensuring the highest quality products for your input requirements; these we keep fundamental to our offering.

Our Partners

Inseco was awarded the Overall winner in the Clean Technology sector as well as Most Promising Youth Led Organisation for the Global CleanTech Innovation Programme (GCIP-SA), which functions as a 12-month global business accelerator and competition. The competition is run in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology’s Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) as well as UNIDO.

Inseco has been selected as one of the 15 finalists who Diageo believes hold an innovative digital based solution which can revolutionise South Africa’s economy whilst creating social impact. Inseco has been working with Diageo and Urbian as a basis from where we hope to positively impact African agri-economies.

Startup School, funded by Investec, has equipped Inseco with a vast array of SMME-based tools, mentorship personnel and innovative approaches to success. The program is aimed at supporting South Africa’s most innovative and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Inseco was selected into the Meleza Accelerator Programme as one of 10 South African start-ups who have the potential to positively impact the South African economy through expected job creation. The Meleza Programme provided Inseco with internal business tools for success, strategic guidance as well as in-depth industry knowledge.

Inseco was crowned the winner of a competition which aimed to establish and create formal business relationships between high potential South African companies with a green-technology business focus and their counterparts in the Netherlands. The competition was facilitated by the Western Cape Government as well as the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

Inseco was selected as one of TEDx’s 100 millennials who they believe have the idea, scalability and leadership to drive the next wave of innovation and SDG-aligned sustainable development in response to the world’s most pressing needs.

Groundswell, funded by JP Morgan, is an 18-month business growth programme that provides selected SMEs with business skills training, mentorship, supply chain inclusion, investment readiness preparation, and access to markets. The program has proven to be extremely valuable and has resulted in Inseco being thoroughly prepared for the next steps in our growth cycle.

Inseco received grant funding from the Bertha Foundation, which partially funded the establishment of our first pilot facility as well as contributed towards product prototyping and process development.

GreenCape has been an invaluable source of guidance and knowledge since Inseco’s inception through providing expertise, industry knowledge as well as a sounding board regarding the green economy in South Africa and how we ensure we make a lasting positive impact.

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