The next step in protein development

EntoMeal is Inseco’s flagship product, containing a high-quality amino acid profile, lipids and micronutrients to boost the animal’s health naturally.

With enhanced palatability, easily digestible proteins, a high freshness index and hypoallergenic properties, EntoMeal is the logical next step in protein development.
Functional benefits are accompanied by numerous sustainability benefits, helping our customers deliver performance without compromising natural ecosystems.

Optimal results have been found in pet food, poultry and aquaculture applications, with EntoMeal being able to completely replace conventional protein in many dry and wet applications.
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High in protein with immune boosting properties

NutriGrubs are whole dried black soldier fly larvae with a nutritional profile suited to most livestock diets: 

  • Highly Bioavailable Micronutrients
  • Essential Amino Acids
  • Rich in Medium-chain Triglycerides Such as Lauric Acid. 

In poultry feed, NutriGrubs are a nutrient-dense source of protein for your flock. They support healthy immune function by providing critical nutrients such as chitin.

The high levels of protein and calcium in the NutriGrubs supports stronger bones and shiny feathers and is particularly important for laying birds, leading to stronger eggshells and enhanced egg development.

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Increases microbial activity in the soil and boosts your plants natural defences

EntoSoil is an organic fertilizer that is high in bio-available nitrogen, minerals, and nutrients. It comprises frass (insect manure) and larval skins.

The unique combination of beneficial microbes, nutrients and plant-available chitin will enhance the quality of the soil, stimulate microbial activity and support plant defences.

Crops such as maize have shown grain yield increases of 14-27% in plots treated with black soldier fly frass compared to those treated with commercial organic fertilizer.

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All natural with numerous benefits

EntoOil is a high-quality natural oil that is extracted and purified during the EntoMeal preparation process. 

Ento-Oil is rich in lauric acid (up to 40%), a property that is also found in coconut and palm kernel oils. Its high proportion of medium-chain fatty acids makes it an ideal ingredient in pharmaceutical, food and feed applications, acting as a nutritious and sustainable alternative to oils such as fish, coconut and palm oil

In feed applications, it is an easily digestible source of energy, with numerous studies showing its health benefits.

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State of the art technology, optimal hatchability

EntoEggs are produced at Inseco’s state of the art breeding facility, using rigorous quality control and proprietary technology to ensure optimal hatchability.  EntoEggs have numerous applications: 

For existing BSF producers, a fresh batch of eggs is an ideal way to boost the genetic diversity in your own colony, ensuring it stays healthy and productive. 

For aquaculture farms, access to reliable and affordable forms of live feed for your hatchlings is often unavailable. EntoEggs are a great alternative source of nutrition for feeding fish fry.

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A singular product with numerous applications

Chitin is considered the second most abundant natural polysaccharide in the world. It occurs in the exoskeleton of certain insects and crustaceans.

EntoChitin, derived from Inseco’s insect protein process, is a polysaccharide composed of N-acetyl-D-glucomasine. 

It has applications in cosmetics, antimicrobial food packaging, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, it can be used for the manufacture of glucosamine and chitosan.

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