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Our Company

At Inseco, our core vision is to harness the bioprocessing powers of insects and, in so doing, make a tangible difference to our environment. We believe in the environmental as well as social benefit of the black soldier fly and aim to facilitate this technology transition into a burgeoning global market through partnerships and technology exchanges. We aim to pioneer sustainable protein creation on the African continent through our accessible technology and enabling business model.

Our aim is to produce products of the highest quality through valuable partnerships and continual growth. Using innovative engineering, entomology and bio-beneficiation, we believe that we can move the emission intensive agricultural value-chain closer towards carbon-neutrality.

Our Promise

Safety and Quality
Inseco Black Solider Fly Larve
Inseco Black Solider Fly Incubators

The food system is fast approaching its environmental capacity. This calls into question the sustainability of long-term supply and makes the search for alternative and sustainable proteins an area of major importance. At Inseco, we are addressing this shortfall through the use of our BSF technology and hope to keep making a positive impact on our people, oceans and environment at large.

Who We Are

Inseco functions along a flat and open management system and we are always on the lookout for skilled, passionate and focussed individuals to join our team. We value openness and collaboration, growth and diversity and believe that any organisation’s true value is its team.

Process Engineer

Inseco is looking for experienced process engineers to assist with process management and improvements. Due to the emerging nature of the industry, sector-specific experience is not required.

Project Manager

To help coordinate our up and coming projects, Inseco is looking for an experienced project manager. The applicant must be willing to work in regions outside of South Africa for commissioning phases.

Financial Officer

Inseco is looking for a dynamic, resourceful and energetic applicant with experience in the finance industry. Preference will be given to applicants with experience in project finance, preferably in the agricultural/infrastructure sector.

Please Submit any documentation you wish to send to us in PDF Format.

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